Lunar light
streams through my window;
light fluorescence the blinds dare not fight
With each stream,
comes the breeze;
as if shot from slow-motion’s land.
With each breeze
the blinds bend
curving softly like a bow.
You stand at the window;
the light moving through you.
Your gown billows with the fluorescence
or is it the breeze?
I notice your supple form beneath the wrap
my blood on my heart beats a gentle rap.
As if possessed,
Yes I was!
My figure crosses space
Straight into yours
You turn your face
away from the moon
your eyes meet mine
and moment even nature freezes time.
Your hands see mine
My eyes touch yours
Softly, slowly our waltz begins.
The garden below
sends us sweet fragrance
As lunar light
Streams through my window
Serene fluorescence the blinds dare not fight.