It hurts… It hurts
When you are pushed away
Carted to the dark
Left to decay
Shaken of all reserve
And lost to the floor
Never to land that perch
Your visions saw.
Is it a crime now to dream?
Or to think high
and let my small mind wander too far?
When did you learn to shush my expressions?
Hurting my drive
and this soul to depression…
It gives great pain
and aching for years
when this little being
Is spiked and burnt.
Banished, tarnished
a castaway
because of my weaknesses
my evil flaws.
Even nature’s eye pity not
When its my being’s naughty matter
In the pot
She pounds and stirs
Drags and scrapes
This tick, this flaw.
Its not my fault
I don’t own their suave
Their adequacies and their lucky charm
Frowning deep at my vanishing being
With no nice studs to fill my barn.
My mind whispers and warns
Telling this soul to disregard their pun
But what can one do in this fall
Should I not heed the larger world’s call?
I must learn to watch the floor.
Closing my mind
And shutting my eyes
Learning as the world has taught me fine
Those little fantasies aren’t worth the shine.
I sit now and smile at my hands
Restricting my suit to my size
accepting my weaknesses and even more,
There are heights never to be touched
Perches never to be climbed.
Please, do remind me of shank’s old mare
When next my dreams grow fine wings…