I see you
his eyes
burning intentness
the browness
with silver lined
without a glance
at my dark sight
forgetting black
the sum of all shades,
close your eyes
espy mine
see blue hues
of azure skies
fix your stare
on amber rays
golden streaks
of my pupil’s sun
watch the jade
twinkle dense
Emerald shades
In my vision, sense
orange hues of
Sweet poesy
with silver linings
of jealousy
If you pierce deeply
you are sure to see
‘sees’ of indigo
and violet springs
sweetly done
with yellow rings
‘cloze’ your eyes
do not watch mine
with senses built
on rods and cones
extinguish your sight
look on mine
Watch the colours
In my eyes
W r i t h e and burn
they pierce…
they fight –
a rainbow’s glimmer
in my night.