She had sought love all her life and when he came along all honey and butter, she fell for it, loving him just as much as he showed her love. They met in the hallway at her office and just as fairy tales they clicked; he would call for long hours and leave messages now and then; he talked more about the future and building a family unlike others before him, it sure was a sealed deal. Months later, it was official.

Well, even fairy tales have the evil witch moments, so when it all started she didn’t exactly care much; she didn’t mind at all.
Just last night, like other nights in the past week, he had hit her over a cold meal. being a woman in love, she understood that for the umpteenth time, “he had a bad day at work,” her failed logic continued to play in her head, “as much as she had known him in their three-month courtship, he sure as hell was a hopeless romantic and she could swear that if by anyway she had been better behaved he wouldn’t flare up the next night.”

She had had a busy day herself, from sending emails and toggling offices for some damage control. she was terribly exhausted and could use a bed but was willing to make a good wife either way. You see, her parents couldn’t exactly get theirs right and had spent a greater part of her growing years trying to tear each other apart. Recently they had become pretty civil and turned to court sessions instead where they shared shocking testimonies she could barely believe. She had sworn right after that,  to make hers work even if it cost her an arm and a leg.

She lit the gas canister and set the pot on it but she sure would wish she hadn’t minutes later. She was awoken by a resounding, ear-deafening and brain-formatting slap; she couldn’t exactly understand until she smelt it and made a dash from the dinning room to the kitchen. He roughly pulled her back by her arm and into the chair she had stood up from. He loosened his belt in a flash and held it above his head as he made threats and accusations. She tried to explain; tried to tell how difficult it was working eight hours and battling a two hour traffic. Admist more slaps, he explained she had no business working as he was confident that he could singlehandedly pilot the financial affairs of the home. After a draining evening she succumbed and drafted her resignation. She loved her job but as much as she wanted this to work. She wasn’t exactly a lover of petty trading or sit-at-homes but she really had no game on this one.

The alarm blared her back to reality, she felt battered and bruised and could feel her face all muddled up. She searched for her husband but he was long gone; gone to work, not minding. She felt loneliness consume her from the inside as she made her way to the bathroom. She slipped out of her clothes paying close attention to her swellings and aches, she couldn’t bear to worsen them at this point. She had a very slow and painful shower and when she was out, she dressed to conceal. Today she wished her concave lenses were darker and larger. She really didn’t want to explain falling down the stairs and hitting her head on the rail while chasing an injured cat she didn’t own.

She slipped her resignation into her purse and for the first time since last night, tears trickled down her cheek. She had been too pained to cry. She recalled her days of activism and wanting the best for women holding placards and matching the street but here she was perfecting the cat and the staircase tale.

She arrived late to work today, but it didn’t matter, she walked straight to the Managerial head and tendered her resignation, she didn’t have an explanation and she walked out as quickly as she had dashed in. She stopped by a restaurant to get a snack for her husband, she needed to make amends and play the love card…


…Soon she had her back to the floor as he dragged her like a piece of log. She felt her skin bruise on every contact as he cursed and pulled. She begged, screamed and spoke of her love for him. Yet he pulled and cursed even more. This wasn’t supposed to be; she had walked in on him, and his Secretary and in anger, he lashed out at her and now at home, she paid.

He dragged her into the closet and locked her in. Things were about to get really messy with a child growing in her.