Please do not ask what I believe
With happy fingers
and sadistic eyes,
a gun for gavel
these ruins your court
my judge you have become.

Do not ask what I believe
With eyes intent on my very thoughts
a knife to cut them from my tongue
Your ear to my lips.

I believe in life
Without this strife
a day of sunlight
a starfilled night
the unsteady patter
of an infant’s feet
these things you cannot give.
I believe in freedom
and in fact
to act in wisdom
within the Act
doing nothing without love
e’en to them that do you wrong
my daughter’s laughter
at the break of dawn
echoes now through
my very thoughts
tomorrow that waif
clocks one again
I hope you understand.

Do not ask what I believe
If its your god
or a hermit’s rod
You see the beads
on my sweat stained neck
You will kill me anyway.

Please do not ask what I believe
not here, not now
without reprieve
and that tool to my brow.
You could ask that over a tea cup
with eyes of friendship
and boxes of chips
an inquiring mind
and a stomach full with
a handshake to end the talk.

Of course,
You know what I believe
In a God above and everywhere.
In the very core of humanity,
a garden in its bloom.