For days now she tried to reach Ernest; but he left the calls unanswered and her texts read but ignored. She felt used, thinking more and eating less. Her collar bones had become more visible and she looked rather pale. When she walked, she felt lighter against the wind, Emma noticed and was asking too many questions and in his regular attempts to ridicule her he suggested an RVS blood test.
Lying on her back, she turned slightly to the right and picked her Nokia XL on her bedside table. She slowly scrolled through her contacts and dialled his number for the seventh time, Aha! He finally picked, Shola heaved a sigh of relief at the tone.  “Hey Ernest it’s me, we really need to talk,” she sounded quite hysterical and quick too not listening or letting him speak first. She could feel her heart go from rhythmically steady to horribly insane like it would rip out her chest any minute. “I’m sorry he can’t come to the phone right now, and who are you ma’am?” a lady’s voice queried. Shola couldn’t believe what she just heard, and stuttered uncontrollably for the next few seconds,like a gullible fool. he said they were having problems and swore he was done with her, now she had his phone? he took advantage of her, of her loneliness; Her heart raced even harder now, “had she seen the texts too, had she?”

“Hello? Heaelluoo?” The voice continued, “yes, I really need to speak to Ernest, can you get him to come to the phone?”, Shola pleaded. She didn’t want to consider calling back, she had been at it for days now. “Madam, if there is anything you need to say pls do, he isn’t coming to the phone.” Shola went ballistic, what insolence! She was this close to cursing but was interrupted by what she heard next. “Ma’am, you don’t exactly get it, he can’t come to the phone, He is gone, I mean he is dead.”
Quietly, she let her phone slip from her grip to the bed, The lady’s voice said a few more “Hellos” and then there was dead silence. She was drenched in perspiration, her throat felt clogged, she wrapped her hands across her chest and folded her knees, she remained in the foetal position and cried, first for his demise and then for herself.  Reality struck, there was no way she was keeping this child, no way at all. She had been the good girl throughout college and this, if successful, was going to be her first pregnancy termination. She had no idea of abortionists or where to find them since it was illegal to get one but she sure had some friends back in school who had been down this road before. Back then, Sandra was the bad luck queen and each time she had sex, thrice she took in and thrice she threw the baby out
Sandra set up the meeting and Shola took a bus. It was an old blue house with a rusted zinc roof, wooden windows and worn-out nets, she was scared even more now, she didn’t want to die at the hands of a quack but it was certain the environment was going to kill her first. Led by Doctor  Aranga “Dockay” as they called him; though he wasn’t licensed and only ran a small drug shop down the road. Sandra pulled Shola by hand into the apartment. It was a small room with no furniture save for a stool at one end. He walked across the room and picked up a rolled polythene and spread it on the floor. “Lie down, comot pant and make you raise your leg, Aranga instructed. He sounded rather stern and unfriendly but she was least concerned about mannerisms and did as she was told. He wore a pair of surgical gloves and charged the cannula syringe, without warning he pushed a speculum into her orfice and clipped the cervix open. Shola let out a loud cry as she reached for Sandra’s arm, he picked up the cannula syringe and with every probe Shola cried even more.
Minutes went by and Aranga was all covered in sweat and then he stopped. Shola was relieved, it was all over, or so she thought. “Are we done?” Shola queried. As he rose to his feet, he shook his head constantly and said, “Madam, who get this belle?” Shola was now  offended, that wasn’t his business, she had paid heavily and that was all that mattered. “Wetin happen?” Shola replied and Aranga said, ” I don dey do this work for seven years now and e never get person wey e own hard me like this, madam, the pipe no gree pass, e be like say there block”. She couldn’t believe her ears, if it was truly “blocked” how come she was pregnant? She felt she had been played but Sandra reminded her that he had helped her too. Shola stood up and got dressed. She was devastated, her only hope was now no hope. As she made to leave, Aranga said, “I fit give you mericin sha o, how you see am?”