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their ‘torted forte.
With eyes of lies of livid deceit
tonGs twIsteD with darkened lips
thro’ Minds darkled
ambition’s ghoul
they drum heads.
Clever arms working tricks
feigning a deep uneven spree
throwing confetti of loyalty
with lingered tails of hypocrisy.
They will hug you in the streets,
say it made the shoes beneath your feet,
are of sand and watery wax
without a bling to make a mark.
Extolling yours above theirs
In words bathed in dyed bias.
Be garbed with raiment
of polished silk
a mind of Descartes
a legend’s ilk
their acts of ease
Of stained humility
Of love of man
and others first
deceiving love
fizzles off
To show the envy that lies within.
Blue weak duffs
in time of highs
are painted in same wanton dyes
given off to save face
and blur their terribly patterned pain.
But come bright rain
and dropping sunshine
your star and theirs they will deny
Trudging off lest you outshine
the shiny marbles they have mined.
And the dark cattle we hold in covert
but take out
To graze
To water
we soon smell of them.
of their dung and hide
eyes and snide
watered and sunburned
as they trudge about our fields.

Caleb #Carlflame