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with fair full sighs
Airy grace
a thumping heart
dark soft ears…
I once had those,
through which THEY whispered it to me.

THEY, are:
Our society twisted,
teaching strict ideals
life never follows
white and black tainted souls
with hearts of plastique
making swell bows
Of seeming light
against darkness,
yet life has taught the reverse.

And THEY whispered…
On this age you must choose your divide
Of white, exceeding whiteness
or the dreary dark
Speak the truth, never lies
for to say the latter
Is to choose the dark,
grasp your view with a firm hand
Let yes be yes and your no, no.

And that was where THEY lost me.

I was told never to mix creams…
Eat vanilla or strawberry
a deep gluey mix will soil your innards
and send sweet poisons up your feet.
Yet, as I grew I watched them create
A whole new flavour from those two,
Sweet and sassy
Sending tongues lisping…
Calm variety is life’s spice.

And that was where THEY lost me.

THEY taught my thoughts,
to obey elders,
Hard Disobedience is pure evil!
When all they should have taught was respect,
For in respect
I only obey,
Seasoned morality and her tea,
Civil disobedience, her waters dense.

Some take these lessons
And chew on them
Holding ideals they never change
Being rigid, being lifeless
Forgetting life is never always white
Nor black
open mindedness is life’s spice
And cloze mindedness ends infants soon.

There’s goodness
and there’s badness
with slivers of bones inbetween.
Being wise is way better,
Than being a white
Or a black surf
For in real life a mix is demanded
A translucent yet steady skin.
Do not follow blindly
Learn detachment
‘cos without feeling
We make best judgements
Sometimes white,
Sometimes black
Sometimes with colours inbetween.
Like my grandma’s hair;
framed with age
with wisdom’s crest
a rightful sheen
that’s neither white
neither black
but darkled silver with flecks of brightness
Like Lightning tousled clouds before rain.

© Caleb Nmeribe