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As the years roll by, we keep learning, forgetting and learning again. Just when we feel we’ve mastered the ropes of life in certain respects, she shows us there’s more to her than our sense of mastery. But with each mistake, each lesson, we totter towards excellence; shaped and purified, like pearls in oysters, scratched to perfection like luxury stones. In the end however, what tickles our memories, is the journey not the destination.images-11

We are almost in the year 2017 and 2016 has been an exciting one, one in which I made a lot of bold steps and choices . . . don’t mind me; they were kind of like baby steps to realizing the actual dream. By and large, I would say it was quite eventful, with twists, turns, failed expectations, disguised blessings and beautiful surprises.  One minor but essential step this year was creating Carlflame of course. It afforded and still affords me an opportunity to coagulate the essence of the many pixies that fly about in my head. It was created primarily to serve as an open bank or log of some sort to squirrel away the produce of my imagination, thoughts and experiences. So far, it has been a nice experience. I hope it is for you too. Aside the above, Carlflame was created out of my love for writing – painting words in black and white and the written. Yea, written words are cool! While spoken communication is awesome, written expressions are beyond beautiful – the swirl, twists, turns and magic that might have been impossible or quite difficult to deliver at length and design in speech, are easily rendered in writing. It’s beautiful. Really.

The year is about ending. So far, I wouldn’t say much has been penned down or that everything limned here is the entirety of my mind’s juice. This is totally due to assorted contingencies, laziness being one of them. The coming year looks promising Don’t ask me how I know, simply expect a lot from Carlflame. Thanks for your visits to La mots de valeé – The valley of words. What’s writing without a reader? I hope you enjoy the grains that grow here. Stay Chula and Awesome!

Happy New Year . . .

Ps. What is your favourite article for the year 2016 and how do you think Carlflame can improve?

  • Caleb Nmeribe