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In the ‘debts’ of my dresser
lies someplace safe for your letters
and in the shallows of my heart…
soulful whispers of swallows and bats…
Letters written without pause
missing commas missing stops
Who would vet them, whose breath?
save those sour faced epaulettes
tattooing jabs of censor markxxx
cutting meaning
cutting rhyme…
It never broke us, those cracks
one thing only mattered
Yes, twin platters
the sound of your voice in these posts
your sunful smiles in the pauses.

I still consume them;
your L. E. T. T. E. R. S.
on lazy mornings after baths
when fingers like thick tines
dab through ointments and tar.
Then slowly it seeps in…
soulful birds from the past;
comatose, forgot,
silenced swallowed swallows
In my dresser… from my heart.

It shouldn’t have happened – my slip
Or you should have harkened…
for as months of entreaties fell into years
It became certain,
this was David’s stone on the giant…
For the war couldn’t break us
Distance wouldn’t…
Your father’s fiery presence didn’t
But this…

So years from now when paths cross;

yours and mine

tracks fate deem fit to cross,
your soul might be BounD already
yours and another all ready
and love’s glistening circle complete,
in loving whispers of ‘I do’
with our nights stargazing all forgot…
        All for a fate unbidden,
a slip unforgiven.

©Caleb Nmeribe