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Isn’t this what we all crave?
The state of calm and quiet
After or amidst life’s rancour
The rest of sleep
after work hours,
A time to think
through a shower…
Peaceful ‘sleep’ in the end,
after many many years.
We crave rest too
tho’ not the type you do.
We have learnt to hold
open-eyed sleep;
our foreheads sporting tips
from hours of praying from
the boom of pellets shattering our nights,
Soldiers’ marching boots scathing my day,
The click-clocks of triggers
and whooshing of missiles
Finally, somehow we get our peace;
Our silence,
But not the type that comes with misty mornings
mornings preceding laughter of children
and early car honks.
This one comes with the sun
merciless and scorching
Our laughter scared and hurtled
down our throats
Our visions banished
Our faith… tarnished,
the dead kind of quietness…
The sort that comes with dust
and haze scented with gunpowder and
Petrol fumes…
dead aura cradling overturned vehicles
and rubbish ruins,
Trampled flora
amidst shell casings and
shattered window panes.
I must sleep now
but I can’t remember how…
Must I close my eyes?
– Caleb Nmeribe