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Short evening walks through long old streets
nostalgia bathed paths behind early school;
huts of knowledge that no longer are
these old open roads are sewn shut by weed
new structures in place of the old
new faces behind new walls
yet, there’s nothing new here
I still smell the past in the wet brown earth
bare back of the earth where young feet drummed
I still see fog rolling over corrugated sheets
dying by afternoon
evening meeting children running around kicking leather
the air scented by the queen of the night, patting their backs, drowning calls to come back home
the football field by the old house now has a house on it
the old house now houses a field
relics of the past are dead
along with old friendly faces
I had friends here, neighbours, school mates
People I may never see again
round happy faces
now phases from another life…

-Caleb Nmeribe #Carlflame

Featured Image: Jonelle Summerfield