For the love of Poetry, Prose and other Artful things.

Carlflame was created primarily out of my love for writing – painting words in black and white and the written. Yea, written words are cool! While spoken communication is awesome, written expressions are beyond beautiful – the swirl, twists, turns and magic that might have been impossible or quite difficult to deliver at length and design in speech, are easily rendered in writing. It’s beautiful. Really.

Aside the above, it affords me an opportunity to coagulate the essence of the many pixies that fly about in my head. It serves as an open bank or log of some sort to squirrel away the produce of my imagination, thoughts and experiences. So far, it has been a nice experience. I hope it is for you too.

Welcome to Carlflame; La Vallée de Mots – The valley of words. I hope you enjoy the grains that grow here.

  • Caleb Nmeribe